Where in the World Are We?

Where in the World Are We?

We’re moving all over the place! But right now we are in….

Los Padres National Forest, CA

May 27 – June 10, 2018

For everyone that we shared our itinerary with, we said we were heading to Santa Barbara. We did spend quite a bit of time in Santa Barbara (me mostly at Panera to work remotely) but it was a good 40 minutes from our campsite. So truly, most of our free and fun time was spent at our campground in the heart of Los Padres National Forest. It was gorgeous…and hot, and dusty, but gorgeous!! the best thing about the campground (Rancho Oso) is that it’s on a real, working horse farm and Friday nights they had mini-rodeos and spaghetti dinner. So much fun.

Lately, Ducky has been doing a lot of reading, a lot of materials, and a LOT of movement. Exploring, running, climbing, and noticing all the animals we see. This campground not only had horses, which she loves, but also ground squirrels (which she calls BUNNIES). We had a great time.

Anaheim, CA

May 18 – May 27, 2018

Disneyland here we come! We are in Anaheim, CA…home to Disneyland, the Angels, and tons of, well, suburbs. We’re staying at Orangeland RV Park and there are tons of citrus trees here that you can pick. We’re planning on taking a load of lemons and oranges with us when we leave. After MUCH (ok almost no) consideration, we decided we just couldn’t pass through Anaheim without visiting Disneyland for a few days.

San Diego, CA

March 18 – May 18, 2018

Yeeeeeesssssss!!!! Finally, we are WARM with sunny days, no rain, definitely no freezing temperatures. It was a fast trip from Texas to San Diego, and we shaved an entire day off our travel! Freeways on the western half of the United States are at 75 miles an hour and when there’s no wind, our Winnebago just hums along like a dream.  We stayed with friends for one week in Fullerton, CA and had a great time. Then we made our way down to sunny San Diego and have been enjoying the heated pool, super-heated hot tub, the sandy beaches, fantastic food, and all the great places you can go down here


April 21st Update

So far, we’ve gone to Knott’s Berry Farm, the San Diego, Zoo, the San Diego Safari Park, Sea World, Mission Beach, Silver Strand State Beach, and tent-camping at both Anza-Borrego State Park and South Carlsbad State Beach. We highly recommend camping on the bluffs of South Carlsbad, what an experience!


Fredericksburg, Texas

February 7-March 7, 2018

Where?!? Yeah, it is in the very middle of Texas Hill Country and apparently Wine Country! Even though it’s winter, it’s beautiful: rolling hills, vineyards, and quaint little towns. Fredericksburg is a historic small town with amazing art shops and local foods. A State Park named Enchanted Rock is only 3 minutes away and looks awesome!

Why are we here? To attend the RVE Summit! Can’t wait to meet tons of full-time travelers and get all sorts of advice on mobile business ownership.


Crystal River, Florida

January 22 – January 31, 2018

We’ve joined an RV membership club known as Thousand Trails and they happen to have an RV Park in Crystal River, FL. We’re certainly right on top of each other at this park, but it has access to the beach, lots of waterways for us to kayak in, and manatees!

For the first time, we have Daecklyn’s entire outdoor environment setup. We only took out about half of it at Disney since we knew we’d be so busy. Since it’s been rainy, rainy, rainy we’re definitely figuring out systems for making her environment accessible without it getting wet!!


Disney World!!

January 8 – January 22, 2018

The Disney World campground, Fort Wilderness, is amazing. Lots to do, super clean, spacious sites (if you pay for premium) and most importantly in the heart of Disney World!

Our little one is finally settling in after so many transitions. Right now our environment is set up and in use! But we are often at the parks in the morning. So our work in camp is in the mid-afternoon.

Next week is our real vacation, at the Polynesian Resort…ohhh la la, so we won’t have our environment set-up. Next stop? Crystal River, Florida to see the Gulf and swim with Manatees (assuming this cold weather GOES AWAY)!!


Columbia, South Carolina

January 1 – January 8, 2018

Technically we’re in Blythewood and we are Moochdocking (sort of). That means we’re parked at my brother’s house with our RV plugged in. BUT…it’s so cold! We decided to just move into the house itself. We don’t have running water because at 18 degrees our pipes would freeze! Our RV is still winterized since we left Ohio right after Christmas.

Since we’re inside the house, we’ve moved our Montessori space to a wall in their home. It’s not much, just a couple of shelves, her table, and her staircase. But it’s enough that she is more independent! You can read the blog post about it here.

I also included a picture of our mirror because we got hit-and-run by a truck driver! Grrrr….so expensive to fix.