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Over the last ten years, I’ve written integrated math projects and curriculum. Recently, I’ve offered them as a product.

You can purchase these through Teachers Pay Teachers here.


Recently Published Resources

Class Newspaper: A Collaborative Project on Creating a Middle School Newspaper
Conflict Resolution: A Middle School Project on Healthy Relationships
Constructing Time: A Middle School Project on Building Time-Telling Devices
Modeling Time: A Middle School History Science Project on Astronomy and Ancient Megaliths
Time and Calendars in Spanish: A Middle School Vocab Project on Time and Dates
The Time Machine: A Middle School Project on the Famous Movie
Time Management: A Middle School Wellbeing Project on Managing Time Wisely
Pendulums and Spirographs: A Middle School Art Project on Gears and Patterns
Does Time Exist: A Math and Literature Seminar Guide on "A Brief History of Time"
Bicycles: A Middle School Resource on Engineering Vocabulary
The Accuracy of Time-Telling Devices: A Middle School Project on Measuring Time

How to Integrate Projects and Curriculum

Looking for a more custom experience?

I now also write custom, integrated projects for any subject. Perhaps your school is looking to integrate Math and Science or History and World Language. Perhaps you’re venturing into the brave new world of FULL integration.

Visit my Consultation Page to find out more.

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