Resprouting Vegetables in Water

by Madi Deaton

6th Grade

Regrowing vegetables and herbs is actually quite easy to do, and it benefits you in so many ways. The vegetables and herbs that you regrow don’t cost anything but the veggie that you already bought and some water. It also gives you some healthy, organic food to eat, but that’s not all. It lowers your shopping budget because you already have that veggie growing in your house. 

For regrowing these veggies and herbs you will need some water,  the amount really depends on the size of the veggie because you don’t want too much or else it will get slimy. You will also need the tops or roots of those veggies and a container as close to as possible to the shape of the veggie or a plate if it is flat like a carrot top. You need to make sure that the plant is in a sunlit area so it can use photosynthesis and grow. 

When you regrow something you can’t just leave it there the whole time and expect it to do something. In order to have a good, healthy veggie or herb you need to pay attention to it. You should check on it one to three times a week and change it’s water every other day. If you do this, it won’t slime it up. 

You can grow several of the same veggie or herb in the same container but not too much so it doesn’t get crowded. 

Here are some good herbs and veggies to grow:

  • You could grow carrot greens or beet greens by putting their tops on a plate with a little bit of water. The carrot and beet won’t regrow, but their greens are delicious.
  • You could regrow green onion, celery, leeks, and lemongrass by putting the roots into small vases.
  • You could regrow fennel, green lettuce, iceberg lettuce and romaine in containers that would fit their shape. 
  • You could grow garlic chives by putting a clove of garlic in a short neck bottle with water filled to the top so it just touches the root. The garlic won’t regrow but the chives are great in recipes.

Regrowing veggies and herbs is easy and fast. They are a breeze to take care of and won’t cost you anything. You can do it with household items and it only takes four things: water, a container, a veggie and time. Not only is regrowing veggies good it’s also very fun so you should try it and see how it goes. 

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