Creating Space in a Home

We are currently in Columbia, South Carolina. We originally thought we’d be able to park in the driveway, plug in, and set up normal Mootchdocking fashion. BUT, not only is it very cold here (20 degrees at night) the HOA doesn’t allow us to open—and honestly we wouldn’t have the room anyway!

We didn’t know what to do. We couldn’t very well haul all of our things inside the house, effectively moving out of the RV for Ducky (well we COULD but for one week, /sigh, no way). So we decided on a partial adaptation.

We moved our RV mattress (it’s a good one), clothes and toiletries into the spare room. We also have our Nest camera in there for when she naps and sleeps.

We moved a few shelves into the home and filled them. We put her table in the dining room. (Her cousins are loving sharing it with her—as much as a 5 and 8-year-old can love sharing with a baby, lol). And most importantly, we brought her staircase into the house for the island. She’s using it to make smoothies, sometimes to eat snacks up at the big counter with the adults, and to get away from the dog! Hahahaha…she’s warming up to him, but hates being licked.

Ducky's Environment at Uncle Brian's House

As a side note, my brother took one look at my shoddy carpentry and said…Ok we’re rebuilding that tomorrow. I’m a great engineer but man, am I an impatient carpenter. Look for an update to our adaptations blog because he’s helping me!