Meet the Mobile Montessorians

Meet the Mobile Montessorians

Mommy (aka Elizabeth)

Dear Readers,

Hello and welcome! It was my wild and crazy idea to start this website and blog. My husband tolerates my hobby A.D.D. quite well–even when most of my ideas don’t come to fruition (or make us any money!). I write curriculum for middle and high school programs that want to start integrating subjects, sell my integrated math projects, invent and sell infant materials for Montessori in the home, and am attempting to write a blog about how we adapt our tiny mobile space for our daughter, Daecklyn. Whew, as if that was not enough…I also dabble as a freelance graphic artist and illustrator and my husband and I have started our own graphic novel!

We decided to head out on the road because we love the outdoors, new places, new architecture, and new people. I honestly love living in a small space–it’s so easy to keep clean! And, it appeals to my efficiency nature; organizing it all so that things are neat, tidy, and mundane tasks don’t take too long.


My greatest fear is that I am completely ruining my daughter by dragging her along with us. I’m sure I’m not alone in this fear, but the real purpose and goal behind The Mobile Montessorian is to combine the education and development of my daughter with my career. I love preparing her environment and guiding her through it, watching her develop and grow and just be happy with herself. So when my job takes me away from being able to do this, I feel depressed and disconnected from her. My hope is that by sharing our journey I can help others who have embarked on their own travels (kids in tow) or chosen to live in tiny spaces. Perhaps I can inspire those who think you can’t start a new family on the road, and maybe even connect us together for impromptu play-dates along the way. Please stop by wherever we are and become part of our educational community!

Elizabeth and Ducky

Daddy (aka Tyler)

Hello everyone,

When Elizabeth and I started talking about having a child and being Montessori parents, this is never where I expected to be. Not growing up in a Montessori home I really didn’t know what to expect.  What I did know was that Elizabeth is an amazing teacher and wealth of knowledge. This helped and still helps me to this day learn more and more.

Tyler and Ducky Stroller
Tyler Holding Ducky
Tyler and Ducky at Baseball Game

So, when we started talking about not just camping in the summers with our RV but actually hitting the road and living in it I was excited. Excited to learn new things grow as a parent, husband and person. Now that we are actually on the road (as I write this from the couch of our RV in a campground) I am ready to learn new things. Things that we will share with you in blogs, posts, pictures and more. So please stay tuned and come learn with us. It should be fun.

– Tyler

Ducky (aka Daecklyn)

Ducky and Christmas Tree

The Mobile Montessorians are currently in Charleston, SC!

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