Follow this video series to learn how a fully integrated curriculum is designed and set up at Charles Towne Montessori.

This growing video series, presented by Elizabeth Seney, will follow the path of a new middle school opening at Charles Towne Montessori. From messy classroom  to finished environment, she walks you through this middle school program.  

Part 1: Overview of a Fully Integrated Curriculum

In part 1, Elizabeth shows you a brief view of her messy classroom and explains an overview of integrated curriculum. The first theme of the year, Entrepreneurship, is the example this series will follow. Students start their own business, track the budget, and create an online shop. They’ll make products to sell, marketing pamphlets, and study economic societies around the world. This type of learning incorporates all the STEAM subjects and adds literature, writing, humanities, and wellbeing into the mix–a truly unique environment. 

Part 2: Overview of an Integrated Classroom

Stay tuned for Part 2, airing next week, where Elizabeth walks you through the different parts of an integrated classroom.