Disclosure Policy

Amazon Associate

Recently, I decided to become an Associate of Amazon. I may earn money on qualifying purchases. Here’s how it works:

Whenever I personally use a product, I like to share it. Amazon does not pay me to post products in my articles. I do not receive any products free for review. The products I write about are things that I have personally purchased and found useful.

I am an avid Amazon user, both as a sticks and bricks person and a full-time traveler. However, I only place items in my articles that are relevant to what I’m discussing and I try not to overadvertise to you. I just want to make sure you know where to get the cool stuff I use!

If the product looks useful to you, you can click through and view it on Amazon. If you purchase something on Amazon after you click, I may receive a small compensation.

If you like my articles, this is a great way you can help support my work, my passions, and my adventures. I thank you for being part of it!!