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Owner of The Mobile Montessorian and The Project Shop, integrated curriculum writer, traditional and Montessori teacher for 15 years.

Transitioning a Toddler to Full-Time Travel

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A Rocky Beginning Visiting family and making connections is very important to us and to our daughter. Between my husband and I, we have family spread out to at least 18 different states and a few other countries. We love visiting and reconnecting with them. But, our number one biggest mistake when deciding to become full time travelers was treating our first two months like a vacation.

RV Adaptations for a Toddler

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A Space to Call Her Own I have always dreamed of more travel. Nostalgic dreams of road trips with my mother, backpacking trips with my father, and faraway dreams of different countries and cultures. So, when I married my husband (who had his own dreams of being a snowbird), it was a match made in heaven. At first, we just traveled a lot, but more and more we came back to wanting three things: to travel the continent in an RV, to live in exciting downtown neighborhoods of our favorite cities, and to travel the world.

Moving Your Toddler from the RV to a Temporary Home Setting

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Creating Space in a Home We are currently in Columbia, South Carolina. We originally thought we’d be able to park in the driveway, plug in, and set up normal Mootchdocking fashion. BUT, not only is it very cold here (20 degrees at night) the HOA doesn’t allow us to open—and honestly we wouldn’t have the room anyway!